Be Part of the Story!

Get an insider’s view of the writer’s craft. Vote on plot points and characters. Tell me what you like and don’t like. Request story elements. Participate in revision.

The Collaborative Story Project is for aspiring writers who want to learn how a story is made, avid readers who want to peek behind the scenes, and anyone who likes being creative.

But Wait, I Want More!

You’ll also get as-I-write-it access to Works in Progress, free reign to comment on everything you read, other pre-publication goodies, occasional flash fiction, and random creative nuggets as they come to me.

A Quick Word About the Writing Process

Writing fiction is grueling, fussy work, fit only for perfectionists. Please be aware before you join that first drafts are the equivalent of a sketch—simply the first marks on the page, and far from polished. What you read here will be rough and unformed, like a lump of clay just starting to find its shape. Okay, I’m mixing metaphors, but you get the picture. Expect to witness creativity and transformation here, from the seed of an idea to its final revisions, not a story that reads like a published work. That’s not the point of this little experiment. The point is to share the grueling, fussy writing process with you. I hope you enjoy it.

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